Monday, 25 November 2013

Biggest Christmas Card ... Creative.Fun.Engaging

November 17th, 2013... an event that created a new perspective 

Christmas Card Canvas Size 1300 sq ft, 88 litres of paints, 100 paint bombs. Want to find out how the world's biggest Christmas card looks like? Check out this video to find out how 60 kids created it using a quirky combination of props!

Preparation - protect the areas with plastic sheets....

The Canvas weights more than 300kg.... 5 strong men to carry it 

Taping the canvas in place... 200 duct tapes used on securing and designing on canvas 

It is the same size as the basketball court

Briefing ...

Preparing the painting tools

Preparing the children

Are you ready??????

What do the children think.... fun? creative? engaging?

Merry Christmas 

Backstage - Clearing and Cleaning up

The Cinderellas at work

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Singapore Art Museum - Time Out Exhibition

Singapore Art Museum  - Time Out Exhibition - Post Museum Learning

October  2013 Singapore 

Haig Girl's School

Time Out Exhibition is the the output of the student's learning journey to Singapore Art Museum, they were inspired by the various artists and produce these artworks to share with the public.
This is a joint collaboration program by SAM, Haig Girls School, Mayflower Primary and Gelyang Methodist School. Wow was honoured to be able to participate in the project since 2012.   

Artwork Title: Park of Fun

Our artwork ‘Park of Fun’ depicts fun parks and playgrounds placed around HDB flats. Using printed HDB flats to construct into 3D models satellite town and a universal studio play park within the community to depict the interesting activities and events that can happen in a child’s daily life. The playgrounds and parks are places where people of all ages and races  interact and bond together. This artwork shows a contrast to Chun Kaifeng’s ‘Park Life’ that reflects a dull and sterile environment. We chose to make our playground fun and lively. Public parks afford us an opportunity to cultivate the feeling of friendship and brotherhood. By frequent visits, we are acquainted with one another and thus we can learn many things by our acquaintance with one another.

The message that we want to convey is to encourage more children to play in the playgrounds instead of resorting to the excessive use of electronic devices. Leave your electronic devices at home and join us at Park of Fun!

Artwork Title: Singapore Heroes
There are many people that have contributed to the development of Singapore, from a small fishing village to a prosperous Lion City of today, one of the leading commercial centres in the world. Our group wants to acknowledge these “Heroes” that reminded us that we are never too small to contribute. 
These heroes include the founder of modern Singapore, Sir Stamford Raffles, our very first president, Mr Yusof Ishak, Lieutenant Adnan fought for Singapore during World War II, the dedicated educator, Elizabeth Choy, Mr Ong Teng Cheong - Without him, there would not be MRTs and not forgetting the silent heroines who built Singapore over five decades – the Samsui women. 
We were inspired by Jason Wee’s artwork Self Portrait “No More Tears, Mr Lee” we related the heroes to the things that best represent them or their contributions and collaged them into portraits.

                       Samsui Woman                                                 Sir Stamford Raffles

                       Ms Elizabeth Choy                                           Mr Yusof Ishak

                         Mr Ong Teng Cheong                                           Lieutenant Adnan

Artwork Title: Now and Then
Inspired by Justin Lee’s East Meets West –  His work examines the impact of capitalism in today’s society, on its people and on traditional values. Justin Lee’s work teases out questions about the role and value of traditional culture in contemporary society. 
The students created themselves in their modern school uniform and represented in raw white clay figurines; and playing with traditional toys or anything that is of traditional values, these objects are expressed in bright red primary colour clay, depicting the importance of these traditional values. 
Have you played these games before? 
Can you think of any traditional values that are in danger of disappearing in today’s modern society?

Artwork Title: Our Secret Diaries
What do you think are the things that identify who you are as an individual?
The students, through the inspiration from Jing Quek’s “The Singapore Idols series of photographs”, explored the notion of the construction of community identity by identifying their own style, clothing and things they want to do or whom they want to be. Maintaining their own unique sense of culture and identity and yet be associated with the community 
The students created a printmaking of their self-portrait on the cover of their secret diary boxes, within are the self-identity representations, vision and ambition of each child. 
Open the diary boxes and find out more who these students are!

Artwork Title: Graffiti in Singapore
 The huge canvas serves as a mural that depicts the vibrant Singapore’s urban cityscape. Painted in vibrant colours, the artwork reflects the fast changing, evolving landscape that features iconic buildings and landmarks in Singapore. A paper mache bumboat and lighters ‘ply’ along Singapore River taking viewers on a scenic cruise where they can gaze upon Singapore’s spectacular city skyline and view the famous Merlion, the Esplanade, Marina Bay Sands and other landmarks.
Inspired by The Propeller Group’s “Ugh”, words like Double Confirm’ and ‘Cannot lah’ written in Graffiti style pop out of the canvas highlighting the aspects of Singaporean character with a unique local lingo. Singlish is a common feature of the Singaporean identity and is a cultural phenomenon that helps tear down barriers among various ethnic groups in a globalized Singapore and it is what makes us Singaporeans.

Mayflower Primary School

Living by the Water 
Inspired by Dawn Ng’s Walter rabbit, the students through the focus directed at their personal experiences, each of them were selected both an animal which was of some significance to them as well as a place in Singapore they found themselves most able to identify with. These sketches were transferred to clay slab and integrated the style of mosaic into the background. They used an array of colors, however also cautiously allowing the animal to stand out slightly. These slab artworks were assembled to represent the HDB flats on this sunny island surrounded by water. Each slab tells a story of the artist’s experiences, memories and the important places in Singapore.
Look closely at the tiles to find out more for yourself !