Monday, 25 November 2013

Biggest Christmas Card ... Creative.Fun.Engaging

November 17th, 2013... an event that created a new perspective 

Christmas Card Canvas Size 1300 sq ft, 88 litres of paints, 100 paint bombs. Want to find out how the world's biggest Christmas card looks like? Check out this video to find out how 60 kids created it using a quirky combination of props!

Preparation - protect the areas with plastic sheets....

The Canvas weights more than 300kg.... 5 strong men to carry it 

Taping the canvas in place... 200 duct tapes used on securing and designing on canvas 

It is the same size as the basketball court

Briefing ...

Preparing the painting tools

Preparing the children

Are you ready??????

What do the children think.... fun? creative? engaging?

Merry Christmas 

Backstage - Clearing and Cleaning up

The Cinderellas at work

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