Friday, 18 April 2014

Leaving no one behind

Leaving NO ONE behind 

- Showcase every piece of artwork to honor the child's voice, an exhibition for the children to tell their stories 

Wire man in action 

Painting of podium - patterns and designs inspired by artists 

Clay work - This is ME!

Pointillism - George Seurat or Yayoi Kusama?
Another way of expressing myself

Batik Painitng



- The Hundred Languages of Our Children's Voices 

This is a dedication to those who believes that the child is the protagonist and every teacher, a researcher.

There are hundreds of different images of the child. Each of us has, inside ourselves, an image of a child that allows us to relate to a child. This image influences us to act and behave in a certain way: how we talk, listen and observe the child. 
As educators, our image of the child is where the teaching really begins. I believe that children are active and curious learners from birth. They are competent, full of potential and capable of building their own theories. Each child is like a collector: personal experiences and relationships within his environment make up the content of his collection. While constructing his own knowledge and making sense of the world, he uses the ‘hundred languages’ to express himself, ask questions, seek clarifications and share ideas with others.